If you are lucky and catch two cards on the flop it gives you four straight draws

The most important question when making important decisions at the poker table is “WHY – What are your reasons?” Accordingly, here are two quick quizzes to improve your reasoning skills.

It’s a game limit that lasts $ 4- $ 8. Loose-aggressive gameplay texture – many players keep seeing flop and lots of improvements along the way; so the pot is a good size. You are in the middle position.

Let’s answer two somewhat similar hands. In the first one, you hold the matching KQ. Shortly after, you are looking down at the 3-2 that fits in the hole. Both hands make perfect fit connectors, and offer identical probability of making a flush or straight visit dewapoker.

Question: Of course, you will play KQ matches (maybe raises) and dumps matching 3-2; But you must have a compelling reason to make this decision. Why?

Answer: The odds of making a straight or a flush are the same in both cases, but a King-high flush or a KQ matched straight use flush is much more attractive the smaller you might catch a 3-2 match Small flush or straight syringe beaten by a higher one.

There’s a much better reason for this decision: The odds of dropping a straight or a flush are very unlikely to match one of the unpaired holecards. Indeed, the odds against your partner on the flop are only about 2 to 1 against you; Whereas, with a suitable connector, the odds are much higher to drop flush (approx. 120-to-1) or straight (approx. 100-to-1).

Even if you’re lucky and catch two cards on the flop to give you four straight draws (about 4 to 1 against) or a flush draw (about 8 to 1 against), you still have to hook up on the corner or river, and most likely that relationship too.

The river is an Ace! It’s not what you want it to be; it can be dangerous. The starting position is out betting, stating that he has caught the Aces partner. Should you keep the stakes? Pot odds are exciting, but you can’t beat an Aces partner. Does he have Ace in the hole? Should you call or fold? Hard decision.

First of all consider what kind of player the bettor is. Your records show, based on how he has played his previous hands, he is a tight player – still seeing the flop with only strong hands. He also showed no boundaries – it was impossible to bluff. You find out what he might be offering, but can’t see it.