A super computer designed by Carnegie Mellon researchers to play poker

Super computer designed by Carnegie Mellon researchers Playing Poker – Artificial intelligence might beat human intelligence. It is this question that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University aim to answer. They compete with the human brain and intelligence in a game of poker.

For this experiment, researchers invited Doug Polk, 26 years old. He is the best poker player in the online poker game Texas Holdem. Polk has defeated a lot of people and won millions of United States dollars.

Well, Polk’s opponent this time is Claudio, artificial intelligence in a super computer designed by Carnegie Mellon researchers.

The winner is Polk and friends. This is good news. Unlike in chess, where artificial intelligence is still superior to humans. But this is temporary, it seems.

You see, the difference in their victory is thin. Polk and the three humans collectively only collect US $ 732,713 more than the supercomputer.

Claudio designed by Tuomas Sandholm, a scientist at Carnegie Mellon. Sandholm said Claudio was capable of bluffing and tricks known to man.

“But we didn’t design the program to be bluff,” said Sandholm. “The algorithm itself determines the strategy, how to bluff, when to bluff, and under what circumstances.”