Recommend Queen High or Better Badugi even though maybe a little closer

Recommend queen high or better badugi though maybe a little closer – For the most part, every A-2 or A-3 deserves our unblock bad (eg A Spade Suit 2 Heart Suit 10 Diamond Suit J Diamond Suit) and table loose and aggressive.

The other two-card draw such as 2-3, A-4, and 2-4 are decision calls where the deciding factor is the other two cards in your hand and the player acting to act. The premium two-card draw is the one with low block block, two pairs or trips. Those that are fine with having a low one blocker and perhaps a relatively neutral card for you to hold like 2 Spades Suit 3 Heart Suit 4 Spade Suit Spade Suit.

Any badugi can be played from the button as there are only two players left in the hand and we are holding on.

Many Badugi players do not consider the nine-card nine to be a valid starting hand and will instead face two more cards. While 2 Diamond Suits 3 Heart Suits9 Club SuitsK Heart Suits are almost certainly best played as a double draw such as 4 Diamond Suits 5 Heart Suits9 Club SuitsK Heart Suits may have the added value of drawing one part of the two situations you encounter.

In the face of clapping we are probably better off drawing the ninth because it will likely be good if we succeed. Compared to the one card draw, we have an option when we don’t improve the first draw; we are considering snowing or just taking a free card. And when our opponent draws two “hot / cold” equity we are usually better off as a one-card draw and we have multiple fold equity.